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Hearing is


Why you need signature music for your Brand

It's the heart and soul of your brand. It's what communicates to your audience who you are and the FEELING that represents the mission you're here to serve. 


Having your own custom music by your very own composer is not only exciting, it speaks volumes to your audience that you CARE ABOUT THEM enough to stand out. That you believe enough in your brand and your mission that it deserves its own Theme Music! 


Sure you could do like most and head to a stock music library...however, that'll cost you time (money) right there...also that same music could show up somewhere else...but more importantly that music can sound so GENERIC.

You're not generic, are you? 


Exactly. Anything but. I thought so.


unnamed (3)_edited.jpg

"Schroeder Nordholt reached out to me on a collaboration -- my voice, his music. It was a pleasure working with him and we stayed in touch.  More recently, he informed me that he was creating musical themes to reflect the energy, quality, spirit of his clients and their work, and sent me a theme that I liked enough to use on a video promoting my latest book. His musical rendition fit beautifully. Listen at this link:   (video with woman meditating)"

-Dan Millman, author of "the Way of the Peaceful Warrior" saga, Speaker and Olympic Gold Medalist

Your Composer

Schroeder Nordholt

Upevel your brand and make it unforgettable, like my successful customers have, by leading with your custom signature theme music in every media presentation and live appearance. I help busy leaders like you step into the larger-than-life of yourself and bring more professionalism and visibility to your brand.

For over 20 years I've been a music educator and composer for film, tv and corporate video. As an orchestral arranger, voice coach, jazz pianist, choral leader, music director and conductor for musical theatre, I have a wide range of musical genres for you, so start dreaming - what does your brand SOUND like? 

simple 3 step process: 

1. Have a listen to some samples by clicking the LISTEN button below...


2. Then, BOOK A CALL WITH ME for your free consultation to discuss your needs and empower me to pull out the right "aural landscape" for your brand.


3. Then come back here to choose which option we decided together makes the most sense for you:

Ready for your brand to be heard above the noise with your own theme music? 


sh*t's about to get real. Let's do this!!!  

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